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Law Offices of Vicky O. Howell
Throughout the last 20 years I have successfully litigated in diverse areas of the law ranging from complex contractual matters, construction, real estate, and probate, criminal, juvenile and bankruptcy to family law.  As such I have extensive courtroom, motion practice and alternative dispute resolutions experience.  
I have actively participated in my community for many years.  I have 10 years prior service as a member of Gleaners Community Food Bank Board of Directors, and previously an officer for The Food Bank of Oakland County.  I am an advocate for Women’s rights and believe we can make the world a better place with a little time and effort. 
I treat each client with the respect and courtesy they deserve, protecting their dignity and privacy, to the best of my abilities.  I am committed to keeping my clients abreast of the current law, which affect them and help them resolve matters quickly and effectively, with an eye to cost efficiency.
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